About The Team




Q:  What made you want to start a stressful, detailed-oriented, high-pressure business?

A:  After spending several years in the marketing departments of companies, I realized that working under pressure was what I thrived on.  Planning events seems stressful to most people but for me it is like seeing a beautiful orchestra play.  Each element adds an integral part to an event, from the smallest detail to the final outcome, making a creative vision come to life is what I love.

Q:  If you could pick one place to plan an event, where would it be?

A:  Planning events anywhere is fun but I love when I can turn a inconspicuous place into a wonderland of fun.  It is rewarding to see the clients face when they walk into a whole new world than they had seen before.

Q:  Do you have a secret hobby?

A:  Bowling.  Yes, bowling.  I have been bowling since a little girl with my dad.  In fact, when my husband asked what I wanted to do on my first date I told him, well bowling of course.  He was in for a special treat when I showed up with my own ball and shoes!





Q:  What is your favorite part of planning and managing an event?

A:  There is so much logistically that goes into planning and creating a spectacular event, but I love to put those last and final personal touches on it before launch time. I think the most rewarding aspect is the smiles and the WOW factor on the guest faces. When they walk into one of our luxury events, the reaction is priceless! I’m also a problem solver so I always reassure our clients if anything comes up during an event your good hands. My nickname is MacGyver Jr. - I’m always here to make sure things run smooth.

 Q:  Why do people hire an event planner rather than plan it themselves?

A:  One of the biggest reasons why our clients hire us is because we take all the PRESSURE & STRESS out of the planning process. We use our network of vendors that we have built relationships with over the years to make sure we stay within budget, but still produce an amazing event. 

Q:  If you had to choose between skydiving and scuba diving which would you choose and why?

A:  Definitely skydiving, I love the adrenaline rush. It's the kind rush i feel when i get on the mic at an event to get the guest ready for an amazing night of fun. I love to bring my energy to the events that we produce!